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Lovely Dining Room

 There is something charming
about this lovely dining room with a
rustic sturdy farm table
and mismatched chairs.
And who wouldn't love that
big rustic mirror?


Chic LBDs and red heels... just Wow!

I'd love to have this
in my house.

I'd love to rock a shoe like this.

Something here that I love
must be the bow or the heels
might be both.

A lovely romantic spot
that we oftentimes don't even bother
with because we're so busy going to our destination.

Kissing couples... I just love them.
Couples kissing on a bike.. I love them more.

I love these freshly baked.
I have to confess,
I can't eat any other way... must be freshly baked.

It is such a wonderful world we live in
we see it in nature
and we see it in man-made landscapes too.

Fabulous arm candies.

A lovely sophisticated knot
and a very elegant dress...
and such fabulous back detail.

Pink and Fabulous

Love the mix of patterns.

A lovely chandelier
will still be lovely anywhere you put it.

Such a sexy outfit...
You just know Summer is just around the corner.
Can you still rock this dress?

 Sweets that look so delish 
like this one
makes me forget to count my 
sugar and calorie intake

Wish I could look
this chic doing my errands with my bike.

Ahhh... Summer!
Destination: Beach


spiral style said...

Love that dining room with mismatched chairs, rough woods and fabulous mirror. Reminds me of a wonderful apt I rented in Paris one time.
I'm craving those gooey baked good right now as I drink my morning coffee.
I love the mixed black and white the new Kate Spade Saturday collection.
Ann, right now all I want if for the cold to go away and spring to really arrive.
Enjoy your weekend, my dear.

helle said...

Somehow I also fail to look chic riding my bike, this woman is off her bike thats probably the reason she looks so great...or?
Thanks for the inspiration!


"Create Beauty" said...

Such lovely images! A surprise of a chandy in a van all lit up, delightful!

~ Violet

Anonymous said...

I love the mismatched chairs idea, I've actually used that in homes before and it always turns out so cute!

Elly @ Caribbean Living said...

Loving that top image, it's been in my inspo files for a while now...

Blond Duck said...

I've been wanting to make cinnamon rolls since Christmas!

mochaccinoland said...

those cinnamon buns look delicious! YUM!


k said...

i love that birds eye view of the street! also, that dining room is great, warm and lived in :)

awhite said...

Inspiring photos! Love that outfit of the all black and white print mix- so chic!



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