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A Lovely Serene Nook

Something in the sea
that relaxes me a lot
and that's why I love this nook
I find it so lovely and so serene.
I could enjoy my dining experience here
because of the beautiful
view of the sea that would sure
to make me feel calm and easy.

 Such a beautiful gown

And so is this one.
Very glamorous
although I think only a few
could pull this look.

 Love this outdoor dining space
the mismatched chairs
and those beautiful chandeliers
makes this  look so dreamy.

Oh how I wish
those flowers are for me

Fabulous Arm Candies
and that fur is real lux

Some of the things
I wish I could.

What a place,
What a wonderful view!

Would you jump for it?

Love this couple mugs

Do you have a really ripped jeans
you think you can't wear anymore?
Think Again.

Eiffel in Lights

A lovely book
and a vase of flowers
will brighten up my day...any dayy.

Look at that piece of jewelry.

Oh I would never say no to
that look as good as this.


Connie said...

ANN ~ I'm so glad you stopped by! This is the most wonderful way to start the day.

Dressed With Soul said...

A wonder in the internet - many thanks for your effort <3


spiral style said...

Hi Ann,
I love any image involving the sea and that nook is to die for. And the Eiffel Tower is a very close second. And I always love your arm candy picks.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Street Fashion Paris said...

Love all these pics!!!

Laura Jones said...

a lovely collection of lovely things! x

Chicago Chic said...

Such beautiful photos as always. I love the ripped jeans!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Those pancakes look divine!

LOLA FINN said...

what an amazing and ispiring blog!!! love to be here :)

Call me M said...

The first photo is amazing! I'd love to be there right now! :)

Red Rose Alley said...

I was browsing through the last three pages of your posts, and I just have to tell you that you see the beauty and simplicity in life, and are such a grateful person. Do you know that "thankful" people are the happiest? Have a sweet day, dear. Keep shining on.


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