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Lovely Blue, White and Green Dining Room

This is such a lovely
dining room.
Love the mix of colors
and the mismatch chairs.
This blue, white and green dining
looks lovely and inviting.
The rustic table
looks wonderful.
And isn't that chandelier
so charming?

 Oh how I want this.

Alessandra Ambrosio's
looking so good with all
those lovely accessories.

Tiffany blue bracelets.

A heart on my coffee
and an extra cup for a loved one.
Perfect way to start my day.

Cold coffee in a mason jar. Cool!

Roasted marshmallow
on coffee... Wow!

Oh gosh
I think I need one.


One of my Someday Places.

The amazing Aaron Paul.
A well deserved Emmy for him
for Breaking Bad.

Win or Lose
I still love Don Draper

Nominated of Not
I am still watching Supernatural.
I just love the Winchester Brothers
and of course Angel Cas

Love the skirt.

Dressed down
but very very stylish.
Love the ripped jeans
and the Valentino heels.

Lovely Pink Gowns
both from Sherri Hill

What a gorgeous wedding gown
makes me want to walk down the aisle again.

RIP Mr. Williams


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unless stated otherwise.