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Living Room Glam

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Oh I may be in a pink phase right now because as I look at my past posts they have a fair amount of pinks in them, and this one is not an exception. I am totally unconscious of it until this post...
Love this glamorous living room, okay I must admit the first thing that caught my eye is the lovely floor length curtain. I think it is so feminine, soft, and oh so gorgeous. Yes, I might just focus on one aspect or item in a room and can declare the entire room lovely because of that one single thing. Does it happen to you too? That you just adore one aspect of design or an accent in a room and fell madly in love with that space without considering the other elements or items. Ahhh... but this living room has so many other lovely elements, like the purple french settee, the two wide glass doors, and the mix of different textures and colors that make this glam living room so lovely.

image: Jarlath Mellett

A Gorgeous Dining Room

I am in awe at the gorgeousness of this dining room, furnished minimally and simply but its total aesthetics is perfection to me. Love the floor length pink drapes in that wide and tall window that ushers in great natural light. Nice details on the fireplace and the ceilings. The chandelier is not imposing but an elegant touch to this gorgeous space. I find the cabinet in the corner divine, it is so lovely that you know that the treasures inside it are as lovely too. And I know you do like the mirror, but I love the 'Bon Appetit' sign more.

images: OakManagement

Romantic White Bedroom

There's not much I can say about this bedroom. It is what it is, a romantic white bedroom. I love looking at it, something in this image that makes my heart flutters a bit. Maybe the lovely flowers scattered almost everywhere, maybe the wine, the simplicity of having an all-white bedroom, or the mattress on the floor filled with lots of pillows or the charm of those lighted candles. I love the blue bench/table, alone in there but definitely holds its own, I'm pretty sure you noticed it too.

image: weheartit

A Charming Airy Open Kitchen

This is a gorgeous open kitchen... Love the timber structure that somehow serves as a demarcation between the kitchen and the dining area. I love the concept of an open kitchen such as this because it allows the cook or whoever is busy in the kitchen to interact with the people in the dining area, it is very suitable especially if you are always entertaining guests or it could be a perfect space for family gathering. The floor looks great and so is the big window that invites so much light...and who wouldn't love those books orderly arranged in that bookshelf. I don't know about you, but books are a welcome sight in any room of my house. I love the idea of having a bench on one seating side of the long dining table, makes the space look casual, and the 3 mismatched chairs opposite is a charming touch. Plants... oh I love having plants indoors. And I love the sleek kitchen design of this charming airy open kitchen.

images: ApartmentTherapy

Charming and Cozy Living Room

There are days when I just long to lounge around a lovely living room such as this. I find this living room very charming and cozy, and very inviting too... a good place to just laze away the hours probably chatting with girlfriends and having some snacks. Love the simplicity and the very feminine style of this space, the use of different fabrics and their lovely patterns is very pleasing. And who wouldn't like an abundance of natural light in their living room?

image: CasaDiez-Elle-Es


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