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A Fresh and Rustic Bedroom

This bedroom is so cool, I even find it dreamy...yes dreamy. It is rustic, fresh, and elegant and I love it. The brick wall is softened by the crisp white sheets and the lovely chandelier above provides elegance, and the two side tables and lamps provide a little symmetry making this bedroom pleasant to the eye. And notice the varying textures in this room, so good.

image: source

A Dream Craft Room / Home Office

Oh this craft room/ home office is drool worthy:) well, at least for me. I'd love to hide away in there and just let my creativity pour in large amounts, now that would be a good way to waste some precious time. I love how the shelves are used, not only for storing but also for displaying those photos, buttons, glitters, and others colorful craft items. I love the way the swatches are being hanged and the table is really spacious, a must for serious craft making. And did you see the lovely reminder there? Live and Love...

image: onelittleword

Award Time

I received this wonderful blog awards from the lovely Priscila from Priscila Peters Decor. Again, thanks so much. After this award, I have to play by the rules...

The Rules:

#1) Thank & link back to the person who awarded you.
#2) Share 7 things about yourself.
#3) Award ten great bloggers that you recently discovered
#4) Contact those bloggers and tell them about the award

Seven (7) Things About Me
1. There's nothing I love more than traveling with my family.
2. I love making crafts. Digital Scrapbooking is a hobby of mine.I love making personally designed photo stickers of my son and sticks them to our ref...
3. I love curtains and change them often.
4. I am nail polish crazy. I love trying every new color that comes out. And I'm so excited to try the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Strips.
5. I love reading books and watching movies...and I love memorizing wonderful quotes/lines from them.
6. I have two Masteral Degrees.
7. I love chocolates and almost all sweet goodies.

And I am passing this award to ten Lovely Blogs:

Swing it ... in your Living Room

I so heart this fresh and cozy living room. The exposed wooden beams provide warmth and cozy fee, the predominantly white colors and the shelving makes the space look immaculate and even dreamy. The wall shelves provide space for photos and artworks and the simple furniture plus the little window all dds up to the inviting look of this living room. But most of all I heart the swing with its fur... quite unexpected but very lovely. Oh it would be so cool to have friends and entertaining them while I sit and swing on that hanging chair... just my imagination working again, because if I know my friends they would love to try it too and I would have to wait until they're gone till I get a chance to go for a swing:)

image: TheBrick House

Loving this Outdoor Dining Area

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Oh gosh... I am so loving this outdoor dining area. What's not to love? you may say...Yeah, but with all its wonderful attractions and features I really can't put my hand as to what I love best in this outdoor space. The view, the pool, the table and chairs, the trellis, the well-landscaped outdoor...ahh but I know you fellow bloggers can certainty point out to me what's the loveliest feature on this spot...right?

image: ArchitecturalDigest

A Place to Relax

I've really had a stressful day today, I mean blog-wise. My previous posts for this blog was filled by spam comments and I've spent my day deleting then and I really hope that I've deleted the last of them. Why would somebody do such a thing? Oh I really hope that this blog won't be closed because of those spam messages, that would be such a bummer to start the year.

I'm leaving you gals an inspiring image above, a place to chill out, relax the nerves, and spend a few moments to contemplate, read a book, and maybe sip some leftover wine from New Year's eve party.

Image: micasa


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