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A Place to Relax

I've really had a stressful day today, I mean blog-wise. My previous posts for this blog was filled by spam comments and I've spent my day deleting then and I really hope that I've deleted the last of them. Why would somebody do such a thing? Oh I really hope that this blog won't be closed because of those spam messages, that would be such a bummer to start the year.

I'm leaving you gals an inspiring image above, a place to chill out, relax the nerves, and spend a few moments to contemplate, read a book, and maybe sip some leftover wine from New Year's eve party.

Image: micasa


little luxury list said...

Happy New Year and how funny because my husband was in a hammock New Year's Eve (but it was so low he still touched the ground!)

Hope the spam lets up! Thanks for stopping by my blog and yes girls do love such pretty things!

time worn interiors said...

The best thing for that is approve your comments before they are published. You will still get some, but you can send them to spam!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!


Kelly Frances Dunn said...

Wow, I don't know if I'm asking for it, but I haven't had any....where's some wood! I am sorry to hear of that, how frustrating! I love the get away you have provided :)

Winchester Manor said...

Hello Sweet Friend,

Sorry to hear about those pesky spamers, it occasionally happens to me as well.

Such a beautiful image, I would love to have a lovely place like that to hide away.

Thank you for your visit and sweet comment. Wishing you all the best in 2011.

Anonymous said...

Happy 2011! Thank you for the inspiring image.

I'm not sure if you already do this, but you can have every comment sent to your e-mail so that you know right away when it's left and can delete spam as it happens. As has already been mentioned, you can set it so that you have to approve all comments before they happen (or just set it so that you have to approve them on any post older than ___ days).

Erin said...

Oh how I wish I had this room in my house! I would never leave!!!

Unknown said...

Lovely space. I could use a place like this one!
Happy New Year

Silvia C said...

Oh too bad, Ann. Sorry you had such a tough day (that would do it for me too). Spam. Ugh!
Love the image! The colors are fabulous. Hope the spam problem gets resolved. Take care.

Meg said...

oh this is so gorgeous. i could lie here forever.
xo meg

Carmen Martins said...

hi dear! tks for stopping by my blog Achados de Decoração


Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

How is your spam comment? I've been thinking of you. I hate it when technical things get in the way of blogging bliss. And the worse things about spam is that I think it's *someone* doing it. Why? Why would they waste their time?



Anonymous said...

Hello my new friend.
Now this looks like a delightful place to sit for a while. I have always fancied a hammock!
Hope you get the spammers sorted and I agree-- looking and pre approving comments is perhaps the best way :)

Unknown said...

Hi, Ann
Just awarded you the Stylish blogger award! Check out my blog to see what I mean.

Danielle Sigwalt Interiors said...

I'm so in the mood right now just to sit back and relax!!

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

so beautiful...can't beat a hammock to relax!

Renae Moore said...

ooh lala! I do love this...thanks for swinging by Ann!

mollymell said...

Oh! I wish I had one of these. It reminds me of the hammocks we had back home.
Beatiful blog you have.
I'm going to come back here often.
Have a very nice week.

isaw iheard isaid said...

Wow loved the simple and cosy hammock...can spend the whole day and night here...loved your blog...


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