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Cozy Fireplace Perfect for the Holidays


I love how cozy and warm
this lovely fireplace is.
A perfect place
to gather around during the
a place
to exchange gifts,
to drink hot choco and
fill the place with stories
and laughter,
or just a place where
the whole family
can snuggle and be together.
I love that there are
lots of pillows and blankets
to keep family members and
friends warm in this fireplace.
The tree,  lanterns and
other Christmas ornaments
are gorgeous as well as
very charming and inviting.
And even if this place may
not be as colorful as other
holiday designed spaces,
anybody can feel the
warmth and goodness
of the holidays in this cozy
holiday fireplace.

Serene and Elegant White and Turquoise Living Room

I love the calm vibe of
this white and turquoise
living room.
It feels so serene and looks
quite elegant too.
I love the ample amount
of natural light that gets in
through the glass door
that opens up to the lovely garden.
I love the playful pattern
of the rug that breaks
the simplicity of the other
elements in this elegant
living room.
I love the subtle mix
of patterns and textures too.
The chic center table looks
exquisite and is the perfect fit
to the ottoman and comfy couch,
plus their mix of textures
is stylish as well as
I love the flooring,
simple and lovely.
And the chandelier is
a lovely addition
that lights up this serene living
room at nights.
The stylish gallery wall
looks exquisitely beautiful
and has one artwork that
points out to the beach,
I know its Fall
but as they say, it is always 
Summer somewhere.
And this serene white and turquoise
living room can still
bring inspiration even if its Fall.


None of the images are mine
unless stated otherwise.