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Bright and Rustic Country Dining Room

I love the simplicity
of this Rustic Country
Dining Room.
But with its simplicity,
the elegance and beauty
of this dining room
is not diminished,
in fact you would appreciate
and be mindful
of its beauty all the more.
I love the dining chair
covers, their patterns made
them stand out in this
neutral space.
I love the lovely
round dining table which
you do not see  around much
I super love the exposed
wooden beams
that gives so much 
warm feel
and vibes in this country
dining room
and the lighting fixture
attached to it
evokes a vintage character
that I love so much.
The wooden beams and
vintage lighting
is a perfect combination.
And I love how bright this
dining room is,
thanks to the many windows
surrounding it
that allows so much
natural light to get in.
This rustic country dining area
to me is lovely and very pleasant
to my senses,
I love its light and
inviting ambiance as well.



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