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Elegant Living Room with High Ceiling

I love the neatness and orderliness
in this elegant living room.
I also love the chevron patterned
pillows, the big artwork
and the lovely lighting fixture.
But maybe the best feature
I am really loving
is the very high ceiling.
If a living space has high ceiling
it is right away bright
and airy
something we all want.
And you can just imagine how high
that ceiling is by looking
at the staircase,
wow! this living room is quite
a work of art.



Gorgeous Porch/Terrace

What a gorgeous porch
or terrace... a quiet place
to start the day with coffee and serenity
or could also be a place to unwind
and relax before retiring
to go to bed.
I love the tile flooring
and the many plants
and flowers
in this relaxing space.
And the fact that is also spacious,
this can also be a spot where
you can serve drinks to family
and friends
or just to let them chill
a little
with some refreshments.

Firenze 1921, Gucci opens the first store. 


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