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Sexy Red Bathroom

If you think this Red Bathroom
is not sexy
I don't know what is...
it is sexy enough for me without
being tacky.
Love the entrance doors
and the wallpaper
to that entrance space.
The wooden flooring looks good
with the whole red theme
plus the red tiles
and a little lighting
and candles looks chic.
Oh and that fringe curtain
around the gorgeous white tub
adds a lot of sexiness
in this Red Bathroom.





Sara's City said...

In love with red color, so this bathroom is a nice idea! Thanks for a lot of inspirations.

Kisses from Sara's City

HariRari said...

It looks very sexy, red is my favourite colour ^^

Freak Muffin Blog

Miss trendy Barcelona said...

Red is always a good idea!

Rose world said...

I see red! So many red!

Love the sexy red bathroom.

Unknown said...

Intersting and beautiful post.

I follow you, follow me if you want

Jessica Broyles said...

Love the red inspirations!

Jackie Harrison said...

Beautiful red inspiration have a lovely weekend

Yasmina Rosa Wölkchen said...

Thanks a lot =)
Oh yes I love these products =)

Great post, this bathroom looks so nice.
I love the colour red =P

Anonymous said...



Sunnyeri said...

I've never think bathroom could be so cool in red color!
I`m your new subscriber in GFC
Follow back? Sunny Eri: beauty experience

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

Never thought to do a bathroom in red.

Jasmina Dimitri said...

Amazing, I love red! :)
PS: Would you like to follow each other? Let me know on my blog so I can follow you back. <3

Paola Lauretano said...

Wow... so inspiring, red is my fav color!
Kisses, Paola.


Eleine said...


Itzel Najar said...

I really love red color!!!

O Pecado Mora Em Casa said...

I love red!!!
Great post

Vân said...

I like red, it gives a warm and passionate impression to almost all stuff

Zíper Chique

Adriana R. said...

I love this red inspiration! Have a great weekend.

Adriana Leandro said...

My favorite color is red.
I loved the red bathroom.

FashionRadi said...

I love the red theme of this post. It's still my favorite color to wear.
That bathroom is super sexy!

Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

nice inspo my friend :)

InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

Elegant Duchess said...

Red is one of my favourite colours! It’s a passionate and empowering hue! Love all the photos 😘💖💞

Marlia Fransiska said...

Red always identical as a festive and glamour color. Love this post.

x Marlia

Dressed With Soul said...

Looks wonderful! We have also red in our bathroom and I like it!
xx Rena

The Elle Diaries said...

Sultry and beautiful red bathroom! This is a fabulous post to inspire anyone about the color of red. I adore all of those gowns and especially like the red kiss. Thank you so much for posting this fabulous inspiration . Yes, life is too short for fake anything!

Gabriele Rafaela said...

Que cor maravilhosa.
Ótimas inspirações!

Cidália Sola said...

I love the inspiration dear! Red is one of the colors that I´m using the most right now. :)

Unknown said...

I am loving all the red inspiration!

Linda Pazderová said...

I like red colour. Every pictures looks perfect :)

tr3ndygirl influencer e fashion blogger said...

red also my favorite color
new review A guide to summer fabrics
have a nice day

Susie @ Mile High Dreamers said...

Love all the red inspo! Such a classic sexy color. I always have that extra sass when I've got red nails :). And that bathroom - wow!

Susie |

Kathrin said...

Red is such a beautiful and striking color. I love all the red photos you shared.

Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

Anonymous said...

Love the red. It's beautiful and sexy!


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