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Gorgeous Relaxing Nook

I wouldn't mind spending
hours in this gorgeous white nook
so relaxing
bright and peaceful.
That lovely chair is perfect
for reading
and maybe a place
for some contemplation
or even a nap.
Love the little fur in there
it is so cold right now
and a fur does not only add a
touch of  glam but also
And that mirror looks absolutely
amazing in there.


 Such a lovely place.
Takes me back to my childhood.

 Fabulous Nails

 I should get one.

 Books and coffee
perfect for a cold rainy day.

Oh there are days when I wish I have a card like this.

It would be so cool 
to have a gift wrapping station like this.!%29

 A slice would make me real happy.

 I'd love everything in here.

 Awww! Sweet and pretty.

 I also like a hint of espresso on my cake
and this one is perfect for me
and my coffee.
 white chocolate espresso cake

Looks so yum!

 I want! As in now.

 White Chocolate Purse
So Lovely!

 Beautiful Snow in Venice

 What a spectacular view.

This looks like a cool thing to do.
Not for me though,
I'd probably pass out
or have a heart attack
before I get to enjoy the amazing view.
Lion's Head Mountain, Cape Town

Oh yes please!
Love me some neon Hunter boots.


Ooh la la...

I heart this Valentino Shoes
and its in pink too
So double love for me.
And that clutch... want it !

I am loving the bow.

 Orange and Stars... Fab!

Gorgeous Pink Gown.
Oh Dior how I love thee.

Love the color
the fabric
and the back detail
of this fabulous gown.

Lovely gown
amazing backdrop.

Beautiful Purple Coat

She's a real life princess,
she's got an Oscar,
and she's got class and style.
The lovely Grace Kelly in a beautiful tulle gown.

Gorgeous Wooden Bedroom

What a gorgeous bedroom
wooden and minimalist.
No clutter
everything is in its perfect place
and I love that it has a bookcase
for where will my books go
if there is no bookcase
for sure it will be scattered 
all over the room.
What a cool and comfy bed
so very inviting.
And how I love that ceiling and
cool window
and that chandelier
of course is simply charming.

Isn't this pic inspiring?
Not only is it filled with delish treats
but it is also filled with pretty and cute things.
Oh be still my precious heart.

I want!

This is so cute.
Heart Matchsticks.

 I could almost smell this.

These donuts would be so perfect
with coffee

Looks so Yummy!

So cute!

Hmmm... I love pancakes with chocolate kisses.

I just love pics like this
pasta, cheese, and wine
and in a beautiful rustic table setting
just gorgeous.
Just a pic
but makes me think and feel
so many good things.

I love crepes with fresh fruits
but I will not say no to this chocolate filled one.

We girls can spend our time well
just give us a cup of tea or coffee
and may be throw in some delectable sweets
and we can eat real slow
as in a couple of hours slow.
And we go home happy.

It would be so nice to be here right now.


An alley in Italy.

A lovely shot.

This pic is amazing.

Christian Dior Couture Ball Gown. 

Elie Saab

I should do the happy dance
on the street too... must be so liberating.
Love the dress
the color and the style.

I should have more of this Boho Style
of outfits in my closet.
Ralph Lauren

Love this multi-strand necklace trend

Simple knit and glitter combo
love it!

Sometimes all it takes is a really
stunning bag
to put a spark to your outfit.

Red Heels Love

Loving the details here.

Super Gorgeous Golden Heels.


More cute warm socks is what I need these days.

White and gold Zanotti sneakers.

Love this animal print outfit.



Bogart and Bacall

Big and Carrie
Not a real couple
but I love them just the same.
In fact, in my virtual tv life
they are the 'It Couple', so complicated
but so made for each other.
Like most real couples.

 Oh a Reading Couple.
It must be so cool to have a
reading partner for the rest of your life.

I just love this couple.
Batman and Joker, Heath Ledger and Christian Bale.
Playing around on the set.

Love this pic of Will and Kate

What a gorgeous family.
Love the Beckhams.


None of the images are mine
unless stated otherwise.