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A Beautiful Cozy Living Room

This beautiful living room looks so cozy and elegant. One has to appreciate the symmetry in this living room, not a thing out of place and everything blends well together, from the pale shades to the colorful pillows and decors to brighten up the room to the mix of textures applied. Resting on the mantel is Roxanne Lowit’s Paloma Picasso, an elegant mirror, a lovely vase with flowers and two little plant pots. The windows allow the natural light to enter during daytime providing the space with enough brightness and airy atmosphere. The Lona Design lounge chairs, the relaxing sofa and the inviting fireplace make this space ideal for comfortable and intimate social gatherings among friends and family.

Architecture: Peter Cebulak

Interior Design: Katherine Newman


Julia said...

What a lovely picture :) I would love to bring my cup of tea and settle in!

cotedetexas said...

Very pretty!!! and thanks so much for your comments! They are much appreciated.

Ivy Lane said...

BEAUUUUUtiful! I love this room! Is cozy yet sophisticated...Thanks for stopping by to vote on my kitchen chair covers! I love your blog!

{this is glamorous} said...

The room is just lovely, especially the mantle vignette and two chairs in the foreground.

Lulu Lost In Thought said...

Gorgeous pictures Xx


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