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A Cool Green Living Room

This living room looks so fresh and cool. Green being the color of nature and life, this room feels so lively and vibrant yet relaxing. Oh, I just adore the different shades of green used in this room, and the dash of yellows and oranges to make it more interesting. This living room is really simple with not very much fixtures, decors, and accents but the combination of colors and textures are enough to make it really look stunning. And the artwork on the right side really looks interesting. I don't know if it's just me but the table looks so yummy to me.



Chris said...

This is so cool! My friend Georgia would love this room since her favorite colors are green and orange.

pve design said...

love this. looks like a fresh granny smith apple.

Millie said...

Simply wonderful! The lime green is so much fun - thanks for posting it!
Millie ^_^

High Desert Diva said...

What fun!


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