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Luxe Bathroom with City Views

Have you liked a space
because of its views?
Well, for me this bathroom
is it. This bathing space
at least from this pic,
is so simple,
 just a bath tub, a towel
and running water.
But you know it is luxurious
by looking at its marble walls
and flooring.
And the tub itself
is a thing of luxury
plus there is cove lighting
above and below
this lovely black tub
which could add
a cozy and relaxing
mood at night.
I also love that
the space is airy
and bright
because of its high ceiling.
But really,
it is the spectacular city views
that makes my heart
flutter in a really good way.
It will be a marvelous sight
while taking a restful
and leisurely bath
in this luxe bathroom.





None of the images are mine
unless stated otherwise.