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Relaxing Zen Porch

I love the ambiance
of this relaxing zen porch.
The use of neutral colors
plus natural wood makes this porch
so inviting
and makes it a perfect place
to relax on your own
or to make it a place
of gathering with
some friends and family.
I love the natural look of this
zen porch
from its flooring to the
plants inside and
the lovely
decor accents
such as that floor pillow,
rug, and swing.
That chandelier looks
so charming too.
The use of clear ceiling
is clever since
it makes the space
brighter and look more 
This zen porch looks simple too
yet so welcoming,
is it simple and lovely
enough for you
to be inspired
to renovate or upgrade
your patio or porch
or if you don't have one now
to someday have your 
own zen porch?

*** see full collection
Spring-Summer 2019


tr3ndygirl influencer e fashion blogger said...

gorgeous inspired pictures
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have a nice day

Eleine Pereira said...

Great post!

Hari Rari said...

It loos beautiful and relaxing, and awesome pictures!

Freak Muffin Blog

Valerie Price said...

Wow, that room is definitely looks like such a relaxing space! Also I'm loving all these inspirational photos...those dresses are absolutely gorgeous!

Janaína Santos said...

Bem lindas essas fotos ótimas inspirações.

Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

awesome inspo :D

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Dressed With Soul said...

Wow, such a beautiful porch! I just want to sit there!
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Pathy Guarnieri said...

Such a nice post!

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Unknown said...

I loved the lipsticks, nive and cool colors

Teresa said...

El porche me encanta y los vestidos. Un beso.

Rafa Oliveira said...

Great pictures and inspirations.

awhite said...

This porch is so cool- great place to relax!

Le Stylo Rouge

Sara said...

Great inspirations... So beautiful lipsticks!

GadorVisión said...

Omg!! Qué hambre!!! Que buena pinta los huevos fritos!!
Y menudos vestidos tan bonitos...
buen post amiga :)


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