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Relaxing White Living Room/Office Space with a Swing

This is really an office space
and not a living room
but it could pass off like one.
Whatever, I like this space
because it is laidback
and has a very relaxing ambiance.
I love the rug
that provides the color
and a little liveliness
in this room without
distracting the chill 
and relaxing vibe.
And I love the whiteness
of it all too.
That iconic Eames lounge chair
would be a favorite seating place
for me in this living/office space...
oh gosh, that would be so relaxing
and stylish to sit in there
and think of some future
strategies... ha ha...
too much imagination
running wild on me again.
But with that swing in there too,
whoa that would be a tough
choice... where would you rather
sit or relax? On the Eames lounge chair
or on the swing?
And do not tell me
you would choose to be
on the couch :)


RaeAbigael said...

i love the color white. it's so fresh and pure and pretty! :)

xoxo, rae


IDEAL EL post. Cuanta inspiración.

Unknown said...

Such a beautiful inspiration for white dresses and gowns! The cocktail gowns have all of my attention!
Hope you're having an amazing weekend!
Ankita | Real Girl Talks

Libby said...

White is always a good idea, my friend's favourite colour is white, I love my house white kitchen cabinets

Mary Soeiro said...

Que inspirações lindas.

Adriana Leandro said...

White is a beautiful inspiration.
I love white dresses.

Shannon Seaback Snow said...

As a bride to be, I am obsessed with white dresses right now!! SO cute!
xoxo Shannon

Manuela Vaz said...

white is such a pretty color! and i love your inspirations!


Dollka | said...

Wow! Amazing inspirations!I need white dress for next summer <3

HariRari said...

Beautiful and bright, and I love the swing! Amazing inspirations ^^

Freak Muffin Blog

Teresa said...

Son todos preciosos, me encantan. Besos.


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