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Queenly Chic Living Room

One look at this chic living room
and you'll know
that a woman lives in here.
I love the tufted sofas
facing each other
they look comfy yet so elegant
and classy.
I love the use of neutral
in this living room
because they give 
so much relaxed chicness
in this space.
But what I love more
are the gold details and accents
in this living room,
not too much
avoiding to make it look tacky...
but just the right amount.
To me, the golds in this living room
gives it a queenly ambiance.
The gold mirror
is such an eye-catcher
and I heart it so much.
What about you?
What makes you like
or dislike
this queenly chic
living room?


Rosanna said...

Oooh, I really like the ceiling!
Have a lovely weekend :)
Rosanna x

Silvia Negretti said...

That living room is exactly my kind of style!^^
Beautiful pics selection as well, I especially like the onw with Princess Kate and her daughter, they look both adorable and elegant!

Sofia Moniz said...

I loved this post, so nice *.*
I followed your blog <3 If you want, visit mine *.*
Blog An Aesthetic Alien | Instagram | Facebook

Dressed With Soul said...

I have to admit that I have a weakness for such living rooms and I'm also pretty sure that a woman lives there in :)
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Wiktoria Drawska said...

Great post! Love it ♥

Paula Lopes said...

A beautiful decoration, elegant and sophisticated. Have a great day!

Blog Paisagem de Janela

Mary Soeiro said...

Que post lindo. Adorei!

RoseBoxBlog said...

I liked some looks!


The Glossychic said...

that living room is gorgeous
The Glossychic
Wonder Cottage

Janaína Santos said...

Que linda essa sala, adorei essa decoração.
Gostei de todos esses looks.

sonia // daring coco said...

That is one chic living space


Kathrin said...

The decor really does look very royal. It works though. I love the wonderful quotes.

Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

FashionRadi said...

I love these photos of mothers and daughters. They look so much alike!

Vildana Šuta said...

Lovely room! xoxo

Vildana from Living Like V

Nancy Chan said...

Very nice living room! Have a great weekend!

Maria Eduarda said...

I'm in love with this living room, is so beautiful. And the clothes, it's a dream.
Loving your blog, I'm already following.


Pilar said...

Nice living rooom!

Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

super interesting :D

InstagramFacebook Official PageMiguel Gouveia / Blog Pieces Of Me :D

HariRari said...

Very beautiful and elegant, lovely!

Freak Muffin Blog

Marisa Cavaleiro said...

Hello Ann
I dont like the ceiling but i love the golden details.
Moms and daughters just like me and my mother. Yes, no more fake friends😘

Rose world said...

That feminine touch. Love the living room.

Lalabetterdayz said...

Hello :)
it's a very classy style, i like it but definitely not something
i'd have in my house!
nice inspirations :)

My blog - Lalabetterdayz

Klara van Pure said...

great inspirations!

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, I love the "different is always attractive" quote. I think I'll write that one down. : ) You have some cute Fall fashions on here today, and I loved looking at them, as Fall fashion is my favorite. I liked the outfit with the yellow shoes. There's just something about yellow to wear. I actually have a yellow post coming up. I LOVED LOVED the glimpses of the mothers/daughters in this post. I'm going back to look at them again. This is an awesome post today, Ann.



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