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Elegant and Relaxing Bedroom

I love the relaxed elegance
in this bedroom.
Its colors are kind of
on the dark side
which I usually do not
favor in a bedroom
but here it looks like the
dark shades put on some
warmth and cozy vibe
not to mention a little romantic
feel too.
The elegant styling
and minimum decors
are plus factors too.
And hey,
any bedroom with an
Hermès Avalon blanket
is so chic
and I love that this
elegant and relaxing
bedroom has one.
How posh is that?



The Yum List said...

Oh there are some fun captions on those shirts!

Filipa said...

Great inspo! :)

Sara said...

Great selection of t-shirts! Have a nice day.

Amy's Fashion Blog said...

I have been loving Graphic t-shirt lately.

Nina Kobi said...

Love the fun captions on the T-shirts. Great selection. Happy Wednesday. xx

Nina's Style Blog

Aleksis-Aliss said...

Great post!

Follow me? Follow you ;*



Cidália Sola said...

The text on the t-shirts was my favorite! :D

HariRari said...

It looks very elegant, I love it!

Freak Muffin Blog

Fictitious Fashion said...

Beautifully said :)

Thank you so much for your wonderful comment on my last post.

Maybe you would like this self-help guide: Junagarh Fort Bikaner: Myriad Colors

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Much Love
Fictitious Fashion

Marisa Cavaleiro said...

Hi Ann
This room has very dark colors for my taste.
The brown wall is interesting.
Do you believe that today I bought 3 statement tees?
I love the actor who played Charlot in the movie about his life. The photo below the quote
Fashion is art ..

Much love

The Glossychic said...

beautiful photos
The Glossychic

Wonder Cottage

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Ann, HELLO! I just saw your comment on my blog and I'm so happy to see you! Well, where do I begin? Blogging has changed our lives in so many ways, and over the years, many changes have occurred, but yes, the art of it all in us, as it varies, is what keeps us going. I really appreciate your comment, as well as appreciating your blog posts. They are filled with inspiring photos and a skillful turn of ideas that keep the reader intrigued. I do hope you are well. Are you on Instagram? That is where I spend my social media wad these days, and I'm now working on writing and photographing for an online version of a well-known magazine, whose name I'll reveal when I get my first article published. Come on over to Instagram. It's fun!

Janaína Santos said...

Que belas imagens adorei todas.

Natalia Gutiérrez said...

Great selection of pictures! I love hotel rooms and t-shirts, and these are the best.

Natalia | Lindifique

Blackswan said...

Love the Gucci outfits, dear! xoxo


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