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A Simple Reading Nook

I find this simple nook beautiful. In fact, I'd love one right now, oh yes please, I need a place where I can read quietly with a black deck chair where I can recline comfortably and read for a couple of hours and a little hairy skin on that deck won't hurt as far as glam factor is concerned. I love the globe on the table beside the window, nice touch really, I don't know about you but I love globes and maps... and on the walls are pages from a book, drawings really. I'm not much on reading while sitting straight on a chair, but that old Danish chair looks so cool and there are times when I like or need to underline some parts of what I'm reading and that table and chair is what I need. And I just love the abundant natural light coming from that window, beats any light fixture to illuminate what you're reading on a bright sunny morning.

image: skona hem

Pink Lounging

Oh its definitely the pink settee that got my attention, maybe because I'm in such a mood to relax and take a little rest or that I am really loving some pink today but it really looks inviting, really perfect for a little carefree lounging. Oh and if I have a settee or pink sofa as long as this, I would definitely share it with some friends, you know, a space for the girls to gossip and chit-chat while eating home-baked cookies and drinking hot coffee or choco. But then again, you have to notice and love the white walls, the flooring, the chair, the rug, the mirror and yes the books...the books are sure to be interesting... on this lovely space.

image: ApartmentTherapy

What a Fab Living Room

( Click image to enlarge)

So fab... Every piece in this fabulous living room is an eye-catcher... The lovely couch facing two chairs might be a traditional arrangement but the pieces makes it so chic and stylish and with the presence of that rich and opulent looking white rug below that frames these pieces there is gorgeous perfection. And by now I'm pretty sure your eyes already caught a glimpse of that comfy pink armchair on the corner and the gold chair on the lovely wall. And I'm so lovin' the soothing and colors used in this fabulous living room.

image: ArchitectureAtLarge by Rafael de Cárdenas

A Lovely Eclectic Dining Room

(Click image to enlarge)

I love the eclectic design style used in this dining room. The two different pairs of chairs is lovely and might be the first thing one might notice in this dining room together with the glass-topped white round table but the chandelier above is stunning and the brick walls look perfect even in this kind of dining area, in fact I love the brick walls in here so much because it added a warm and charming feel to this eclectic styled space. And who wouldn't want that glass walls that is framed by arched bricks? The huge mirror also has stamped its presence in this lovely dining room. And if all that is not enough, they've also thrown in a billiard table for entertainment.

image: Applegate Tran Interiors


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