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A Romantic Floral Living Room

Everything in this lovely living room screams romance and coziness to me. I just love the floral motif in this room from the fabrics to the pillow designs to the gifts. The exposed unpainted wood on the wall and the wooden flooring gives an air of coziness plus the rug is just divine. The couch, chair and the lovely coffee table indicates that this space is for intimate rendezvous, no gathering of many people in here but probably just for two. Love the simplicity of this living room but though simple it immediately gives a feeling of warmth and romance.

image: housetohome

A Charming and Inviting Kitchen

This is one charming kitchen... I just love the colors in this kitchen and I think that is what makes it not only charming but also so inviting. From the yellow walls, blue painted floors, the pops of orange which by the way adds immediate cheerfulness in any space, and the abundant whites, this kitchen will be a happy place for any cook. I also love the table and chairs at the center, I actually love having tables and chairs in the kitchen because I love doing kitchen chores (like chopping and peeling some veggies) sitting down as opposed to standing up, I know I have some lazy bones in me. And besides, when I'm cooking I often have a book with me that I read while waiting for the food to cook, or a card, notebook or stationery that I'm writing something on so I need a table and a chair. And besides, a vase of fresh flowers will always be a welcome sight in my kitchen.

image: ivillage


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