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Turquoise Bohemian Bedroom

I love the color turquoise
and that is what attracted me
at first to this bohemian
I also love the canopy
with all those tassels
and the cute quilt drape
they made this
bedroom look so bohemian
with a shabby chic vibe.
Oh and I love those
shutters too,
I bet it looks great outside.
The silk bedding looks
and makes the bed looks
inviting and comfortable.
If I am the resident
sleeper of this boho
bedroom, I would definitely
throw in some white sheets
and beddings
on some days to brighten
this space a bit
but I would definitely enjoy
those silk turquoise
bedding and peach pillows
on most days.
This bohemian bedroom may
be too colorful for others
but I like it just the same.


None of the images are mine
unless stated otherwise.