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Elegant Living Room with an Old Charm

I very much love this
living room because
it has a lovely view
and because of its old
world charm that you do not
get to see or even feel
in most modern spaces
these days.
This living room is elegant
and grand but you can still
feel its warmth and welcoming
atmosphere. I love the
eye catching chandelier
at the center that enhances
the beautiful symmetry
of this living space.
The wonderful mix of textures
of the stone walls
and the rustic wooden ceiling
is charming.
The furniture and design
accents are sophisticated
and tasteful.
The huge window that boasts
of a beautiful outdoor space
and gives its share
of sunlight and brightness
in this living room
is more than one can hope
for in a living room
with gorgeous interiors
such as this.

Bright, Airy, and Relaxing Living Room Balcony

I heart spaces
that looks intimate,
lively yet relaxing,
colorful yet warm,
 bright and cheerful,
happy spaces just like this
living room balcony.
I love that there are living
greens in the form of the trees
and the pink flowers in it
are awesome.
I love the comfortable
vibe of this living room
balcony, it immediately
makes one at ease
and welcome.
I also love the openness
of this space too,
and I am loving all
the cool mix of colors
and patterns.
I just hope that one day
I would have a space like this
in my own home.



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