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Floating Pool House


I love this Floating Pool House 
by Chris Clout Design
because the structure and design is so clean,
beautiful, simple and luxurious.
I love the combination of glass, wood,
and white facade. The pool looks so inviting
and the interiors of this home
looks fabulous too.

This month of January being the start of a new year,
may you create a life you want and may you 
dare to dream a better tomorrow
not only for you but for your loved ones.
Dreams do come true.

Floating Pool House

Gorgeous Contemporary Home


This contemporary home from Gallo Builders is 
so chic and gorgeous. I know that most people haven't
embraced this type of home design yet, but I love it.
I love the open space, the ease of moving around that it allows,
and the brightness that the glass elements allow.
And of course I love the luxury and beauty of its design.
Please feel free to enlarge the images to see them
more clearly and vividly.
What do you think of this home design?
Please share your thoughts.

Oh and I hope the accompanying
images and quotes will inspire you too.

Alicia Vikander is Gorgeous

 in Louis Vuitton for Madame Figaro


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