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Calm and Laid Back Bohemian Living Room

I love the vibe
of this bohemian
living room,
so calm, laid back
and serene.
Even the colors used
are subdued
compared to some bohemian
styled spaces,
but don't get me
this space is not lacking
of brightness and liveliness.
The plant gives
life and freshness
in this space
and a really good
accent for that white wall.
Maybe this bohemian
living room 
is just a little muted
in colors
but it has a lot
of aesthetics
and the lovely patterns
are very pleasing indeed.
I love the floor pillows
that invites guests
to feel comfortable in this
living space.
The swing is a chic
element in this room
and is also a
calming presence,
a swing reminds me
of childhood contentment
and it gives off a 
really calm and
laid back vibe
in this lovely bohemian
living room.


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