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Holiday Hallway

I am feeling the
holidays in this hallway image
especially Christmas
with all those lights on 
and a lantern
and gift.
The high ceiling
is great and the huge
window too
but it is really the lights
that gets me.

I'd love to have a blanket
like that for the cold nights ahead

After all the cold and the rains
I want a space like this for me.

A bathroom with a view.
I want one.

I could use gloves like that.
So chic!

Leopard Louboutins

Love this sweater.

Oh yeah,
for the holidays
be choosy ladies.

 Gold gift wrapper and ribbons
you just know something special is in there.
Coupled with a bouquet of pink flowers... perfect!

This is lovely.
Mason Jars Chandelier.

Cute and I want it.

Lovely and Sexy!

I want!

I wish I could be this graceful.

I wish I have more time to meditate.

This is fabulous!
Hôtel Plaza Athénée, Paris

Tree Tunnel, Ukraine
This is Amazing.

Pietrapertosa Village, Italy

Don't know where
but certainly a lovely place.

Happy Birthday Billy!
He is now 58 years old.
It has been 3 decades since White Wedding,
wow! time really flies.
Love his cameo
in The Wedding Singer.

Yes it is Ben Stiller's Birthday too.
Love him in Zoolander and
and there is a Zoolander 2 coming up.

Not his birthday.
One of my fave chefs.
As you can see
he's got a sense of humor too.

Oh I just love bacon
lots of it

I love lots of cheese too
even in my cakes.

 Looks good right?

 This looks like a really hearty meal.

Oh yeah!

Salted Caramel Snickers Fudge Brownies

 Toblerone Hot Choco

Love this dress.

Gorgeous Braids.

I love Cara.
Love her tartan and camo outfit here.

Fabulous gown
Good and Vitalini

 The vision before the gown.
    Donna Karan Atelier for Emmy nominee Linda Cardellini.
    The 65th Annual Emmy Awards.

 Linda wearing the actual gown.

Oh wow!

Hannibal Laguna

Taylor Swift

Zuhair Murad

Cozy White Dining Room

 I love the whiteness of this
cozy dining room.
The subtle touches of
other colors breaks the immensity of
whiteness beautifully and I love it
looks very pleasant
and inviting.
And there is a book case
nearby, this is my kind of 
dining area.

I just love doing this
and look at that skull ring.

I want a reading nook like this.

Rain, Latte and Books
they just go together well.

French Actress Barbara Laage,
Alone in Her Apartment Reading Photographic Print
by Nina Leen at AllP

I can also read in this swing
and look at the marvelous view.

Some people just can't put down a good book.
 Cropredy Festival goers cocooned against wind and rain.

Looks like a really cool ride.
The Cabrio, Doubledecker Cable Car
Stanserhorn-Bahn, Switzerland

The Lovely City of Los Angeles

Underwater train in Denmark.

Ocean View, Amalfi Coast, Italy


A Pretty Rose Cake

A slice won't be enough

Confession: I love eating the chocolate
that is left in the whisk...
Oh that's right I'm one of those people who
can't wait for the cake to bake.
And licking the chocolate frosting from
my finger may seem so gross but I love it.

Yes this is where it goes
right on top of that delectable
Devil's Food Cupcakes

Snickers Peanut Butter Brownie Ice Cream Cake

Chocolate Pecan Pie

 Lovely Cake Pops

Who could resist?
Tarta de chocolate con crema de queso y Oreo

I guess everybody
would love this cake.

Love this black tote


Alberta Ferretti

Cher (Alicia Silverstone) in her black blazer

Jackie O
wearing her iconic black oversized shades
This woman got style.

Kate Upton
in Chanel Black Swimsuit
Black is Sexy

Angelina rocking the black leather pants
back in the day

The elegance of Black

Bottega Veneta

 Elie Saab


A Fabulous Vera Wang
Black Wedding Gown
Would you do it in black?
I mean walk down the aisle in black.

Who could forget this iconic black dress or the movie.
Audrey wearing Givenchy



None of the images are mine
unless stated otherwise.