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Modern Rustic Bedroom

I love the modern rustic
design style so much
because its cozy, warm, 
and inviting.
Just like this modern rustic
bedroom with beautiful 
pitched wood ceiling with a
very posh looking chandelier
that is perfect for its rustic look.
This bedroom has
an informal elegance
that you can see
and feel right away.
The bed and its bedding
looks so inviting
that you can almost
feel its softness and comfort
even by just looking at it.
The mirror looks rugged
and so natural
but is so chic
too in that side of the
And are those framed maps
on the wall?
So very lovely and
I also love the serene and
tranquil vibe I get whenever
I look at this modern
rustic bedroom,
the look and style of
this bedroom will definitely
be one of my inspiration
images and peg
for our farmhouse
bedroom someday. 


None of the images are mine
unless stated otherwise.