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Dreamy Rustic Living Room

I love the look
of this dreamy rustic
living room,
it looks so serene
laidback and
very tranquil.
A nice space to quiet
your mind
and relax the body,
things we usually do
in our bedrooms
but I can see myself
being able to do in this
serene living room.
I love the old feel and vibe
of this living room,
the wooden flooring
is cozy and
the exposed wooden beams
look so beautiful
with the chandelier
hanging in there that
looks super chic and lovely.
I love the simplicity
of the sofa
and the plain white walls
that looks perfect
with that gorgeous
gallery wall
in this serene and
dreamy rustic living room.


Paula Lopes said...

I love rustic decor, someday my house will be like this. Have a great day.

Blog Paisagem de Janela

awhite said...

This rustic decor is SO pretty and fresh!

Le Stylo Rouge

Sara said...

I like so much these accessories... Dresses are magic! Have a great day.

Vân said...

I'm curious to know how did you match the main picture with the others.

Zíper Chique

Pam Lepletier said...

I really love rustic decor and this one is very beautiful.

Mary Soeiro said...

Adorei as decorações rústicas.

HariRari said...

Looks very relaxing, a perfect place to disconnect ^^ And amazing pictures!

Freak Muffin Blog

Kathrin said...

I love how the wood floors and ceiling add warmth to the room. The draped couch is such a fun and unique element.

Kathrin | Polar Bear Style


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