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Fresh and Inviting Beachfront Living Room


I absolutely love this
living room,
not only does it look
so fresh and inviting
but I bet you can also
feel the ocean breeze in
there. I also love the
mix of colors in this
room, they just pop out
those white walls
and sofa.
But by now I know that
you already know
the best part of this fresh
and inviting beachfront living
room is the beach
that is just a few walks
away. Looks very much
like an in and out
beach home
which is really
convenient for people
like me who loves the beach.
I'm not much into swimming
but more on the beach vibe,
I love the feel of being
on the beach
so calming and relaxing,
just walking along
the beach relaxes me
and I love the sound of the
waves too. And the food tastes
better when you are
eating on the beach with
people you love.
I just heart the look
and feel of this fresh
and inviting beachfront
living room.




awhite said...

You can't beat living so close to the beach!

Le Stylo Rouge

Midnight Cowgirl said...

That living room has a beautiful view!

Ivana Split said...

beautiful room...and wonderful fashion inspiration!

HariRari said...

Amazing photos! I'd love to live next to the beach, so relaxing ^^

Freak Muffin Blog

Helena Primeira said...

I loved the inspirations :)

- Helena Primeira
- Helena Primeira Youtube
- Primeira Panos

Amanda Caroline said...

Inspiração bela

Red Rose Alley said...

The red roses on here and all the petals made my heart sing. What a cute picture of the lion cub feeding from the bottle. It is a reminder that even baby animals need to be taken care of. I love the yellow gown, and I'm really into yellow lately. And I LOVE LOVE THE QUOTE "IF I EVER." It really hit home for me. We all have our own story to tell, and like the ornament I just bought, our stories do matter. Thanks for always making me smile when I come over here. : )



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