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Relaxing Bohemian Bedroom

This bohemian bedroom
looks so simple
and raw
but exudes a lot of
coziness and relaxing vibe.
I love its neutral colors,
not every bohemian space
should be filled with different
colors and patterns
some also use neutral colors
such as this bohemian bedroom.
The posts used for the
poster bed are bamboo
which is so natural
and the canopy or drape
is just a simple white cloth
but it gives off a cool
and serene feel
in this bedroom.
And that dream catcher
in the center of the
wall is a cool statement
that this is indeed
a bohemian bedroom.



Abdelkhalek said...

Great post and such a lovely pics

Fictitious Fashion said...

Love the white dress <3 I have also written the below post where I've covered bohemian looks :D

Thank you so much for your wonderful comment on my last post.

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Much Love
Fictitious Fashion

Amanda Caroline said...

Adorei as inspirações

The Yum List said...

That bedroom looks very snug and comfortable. Some great hair styles too.

Pilar said...

The bohemian bedroom looks so cozy and stylish!


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