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Dreamy White Bedroom

I heart this dreamy
white bedroom because it
looks so relaxing and serene.
I love the gorgeous white 
four poster bed 
and I adore its duvet cover
with a girly look and nice texture.
I love that the bed bench
is in natural wood color
a nice little break
from all the whiteness
and a chic fur on top
that just pops out beautifully
in this white dreamy
And how lovely are all those
delicate white drapes
that adds a very relaxing
atmosphere in this
Oh and that lighting
is so chic
just the right
chandy to brighten up
this relaxing white bedroom.


A Casa Madeira said...

Beautiful images have for all
tastes and styles.

Julie | This Main Line Life said...

Beautiful pics. I love the bedroom. There's just something so very appealing about white. All those pics of chocolate and cocoa are giving me chocolate cravings.
X, Julie

Cristiana Nobrega said...

Que inspirações mais lindas.

Amanda Mércuri said...


Adorei todas essas imagens!

Ótima terça!

Beijo! ^^


Amazing post! And yummy too!
Lol at the black belt in shopping!


Missymayification said...

This post just made me hungry. OMG!! All that sweat treats!

ALLIE NYC said...

OMG i love the Dior photos, too funny. I would LOVE to shop like this hahaha, preferably in Paris.

Allie of

Beauty Unearthly said...

Hello, thanks for the information. Have a nice day

Priya Hareesh said...

After reading the post, I'm craving for chocolate

Nancy Chan said...

Lovely white bedroom and I wish I could taste the chocolate ice cream!

Pathy Guarnieri said...

Amazing inspirations!

Cores do Vício

Paula Lopes said...

I loved this decoration so clean and bright. White changes everything. Have a great day!

Blog Paisagem de Janela

Hey I'm With The Band said...

Hahaha, we must be the same age, because I've known Papa Roach for years.
Chocolate OMG, I love!

Red Rose Alley said...

I had to comment on this chocolate post because I am a chocolate lover all the way. The hot chocolate and marshmallows looks amazing. I love the "passport" quote and reminded me of Jess, as she has traveled near and far. Your recent Autumn post is so cozy and just right for the season. The HOME blocks caught my eye, as home is so important to me. I love those cups "sweater weather" and "morning pumpkin." I just got out a few sweaters today and washed them for the Autumn season, as it's starting to get chilly. And that BREAD! I can eat bread and butter for dinner alone.

I'm always inspired by your creative and charming posts, Ann. Happy November days.

love, ~Sheri

Kathrin said...

The chocolate photos made me stop and think about whether we have any chocolate I can snack on right now. Looks so delicious.

Kathrin | Polar Bear Style

Anonymous said...

I love the travel photos.
And Gigi looks good in all those outfits.



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