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Eclectic Home Office

This is my kind of home office.  I know it looks eclectic and I love it.  This home office might inspire me to do more and be more creative but on second thought... maybe not, too much distraction if you ask me, but oh so welcome and beautiful distractions.  The books, yes, all these books will make me scan them or read them even in times that I have to work, but oh I won't mind.  The decors and furniture look fab and I love the chairs... all of them including the ottoman and that 1960's floor lamp looks awesome too. I really love how this eclectic home office looks.

image source: ElleDecor



highheeledlife said...

Wonderful post !! I've been a bit MIA in blogland.... and have missed your wonderful inspiring posts!! xo HHL

Teresa said...

But for the animal rug (can't get over my deslike of animal prints) I also think this is the perfect ONE.

Not sure about how much work I'd get there but dreams also take effort, right?

Take Care,

Anonymous said...

My home office is enough chaotic :-) I like that yellow chair!

spiral style said...

LOVE that office. Saarinen, Eames, Knoll + books, color and a hide rug. Yep, I could work in there.

Unknown said...

Great and inspiring images!!

phosil said...

lots of books!:D

Elle Sees said...

I want a home office to blog in

Angela said...

just my cup of tea. lovely room.

Floortje said...

I really love your blog dear!
Keep posting, you do it great!


Melissah said...

Just doing up my home office so this is great inspiration for me!



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