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Simple and Serene Dining Room

I am loving the beauty of this simple and serene dining room.  It has that rural charm that makes us feel welcome right away.  I also love how minimal the furniture pieces are, only the necessities here, no clutter and no unnecessary accents.  And I adore the lovely flooring, so does the table with its benches and a chair at the end.  This dining room may lack some decors but it has a pitcher of beautiful fresh flowers and a plant by the window which for me is better.  The glass windows, the beams, and the lighting adds a lot of loveliness too.

Oh this made me laugh and think too.  True or not?


tracie c. said...

thank you for visiting and commenting on my post. very appreciated.
i enjoy your blog and eye for style very much :)
have a great day!
xo tracie

Unknown said...

Love the painted floor. You do have a sense of humor!

Cafe Fashionista said...

I LOVE the rustic vibe of that dining room - beautiful! :)

honey my heart said...

hahhahahha. that men image is so funny and true!

Unknown said...

men what happened - so true

Gild and Grace said...

Love this room! All those exposed beams in the ceiling are fabulous :)

Abbey x

Unknown said...

Two of my favorite things--a great big farmhouse table (have been looking for one for months) and Cary Grant. What happened? That made me laugh!

xo Mary Jo

therelishedroost said...

Mend what happened, I laughed out loud! I love Cary Grant, Gregory Peck etc.. these other "men" are a joke! Great post on dining room as well!


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