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Modern White Living Room

  I just love rooms with high ceilings, large windows, and a spectacular view 
like this living room.  I heart the floor lamp,the tree stump and the white couch.
What a lovely minimalist space but filled with beauty and style.

I wish I was here now.

Socks again... 
the shirt and the blanket are lovely as well.
Confession: I used to buy a new pair of socks every payday for almost three years of my first working years.

Fierce and Fab

Rose Cake... lovely and yum!

I used to do this as a child.

I heart her cover-up,
hot and sexy.

So cute.

Strawberry Ice Cubes
So easy to do, so gorgeous.

What a gorgeous climb...

Love the cuff, the nail polish, and the skirt.

Sweeet ♥

Love this photo.
Pink and Eiffel.

Be careful what you do,


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Ann:
We are most fortunate in our apartment here in Budapest to have ceiling heights of 15ft which helps, during the very hot weather, to keep the rooms cool.

Tower Bridge looks very splendid in Olympic finery.

Deborah Flanagan said...

That living room is exceptional for all the reasons you mentioned. Would look forward to walking steps everyday if they were as fun as the photo.

Shoe Bell(i)e said...

The baby Chuck is so cute, love that cuff too, and those colorful steps! And of course Paris, le sigh...

honey my heart said...

ooo, the windows in the living room bring in so much!! also i must try the strawberry ice cube :)

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Those socks look so cozy!


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