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A Beautiful White Living Room

What a beautiful white living room
so spacious,
light and airy. 
I love the high ceilings
and the glass doors and glass windows above.
The wood beams adds a lot of charm too.

A chandy on a tree
so lovely.


Pink shorts and arm candies... I want!

Book love ♥
I just wish I have the exact same sweater and socks
for my reading these coming months

 Time to stock up on fab coats

and lovely scarves,
the cold is starting to be felt.

Nice Pink Greek Villa

I heart stone walls and bikes


Red, Pink, and White.
Many choco candies have come and go
M&Ms is still a fave of mine.

Follow the Heart


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Ann:
We have to confess that we have never been devotees of the all white room. Too clinical for us and rather reminiscent of dentist's waiting rooms.

However, you offer so many other wonderfully romantic images for our delight today. Yes, going where one's heart leads is a positive move, we think!

Teresa said...

So many lovely details:
Love the glass accents at the first picture;
I need to find a chandy for my garden. Also need the trees to grow but I could keep it and dream of that scenario, right? ;)
Pink shorts and arm candy for those who can pull it, could very well do without the Rhiana rings ahahahah;
Craving Autumn, cold weather and sweaters and scarves and boots like mad ahahah
That hearty path is too lovely. All so perfect and dreamy.

Thank you for sharing so much beauty. It's appreciated!!!


Alyssa said...

I love the look of chandeliers hanging from trees--my dream backyard would have that!

The Glossy Life

Katherine said...

i LOVE that green coat! lovely. and i love a lot of these images

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

Amy Shaughnessy said...

I LOVE that all white room. It would be nice to have but I have 2 kids so it wouldn't be very realistic. Maybe one day!


Fashion and Beauty Finds

k said...

you always find the prettiest pics :)

bridechic said...

Love the white living room. I wanted to whitewash mine but hubby would die if I painted over all that wood in white . . .

Unknown said...

love the pictures!!

Unknown said...

Those coats are so cute! I'm excited for fall even though it's quite hot in LA still!

Fabrizia said...

cool details, especially the girl with book... I would stay at home reading a love romance when outside it is snowing... fantastic!

Pretty To Be Happy

Lisa Lockhart said...

love, love, love it all! Beautiful home decor!


Unknown said...

Beautiful images! I love the top one especially, but they're all gorgeous and I've always wanted to hang a chandelier outdoors! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

xo Mary Jo

Sassi said...

wow, gorgeous inspiration pics!


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