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Lovely All White Living Room

What a lovely all white living room...
So peaceful, relaxing, and cozy.
The artwork which is the only colored item other than the fresh flowers
pops up beautifully in this all white space, and I love that its blue keeping up with the serene
vibe of this lovely living room.  Love the fur and the rug too.


Hot choco and heart mallows...anytime ♥

This bike adds a lot of charm in this powder room.
Very clever thing to do.

 I wish I could make a bun as lovely
as this, of course I will be needing pins as lovely as this too.

Oh keys... I love you so much.

Nice nook,
and read the quote on the wall.

I wish I have time to waste for these things,
not too long ago I did have time but I thought I was just bored 
and failed to appreciate little things and moments.

I heart everything in this pic

Another lovely street I'd love to walk into.

Gorgeous Red Heels

Oh its still such a long way up


spiral style said...

Love that bike in the powder room.

Mary Jo said...

Love all the inspiration and that cake (must be hungry) is making me drool! Hope you're having a wonderful first week of August!
xo Mary Jo

Stacey said...

gorgeous selections! especially loving the banquette area!

honey my heart said...

the white living room looks so fun, like living in a powder puff or cloud :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful images!

Melissah from Scrapbook said...

Lot's of gorgeous images today - loving the white room but could never keep it clean and I'll have that white and aqua cake for my next birthday please!


Cafe Fashionista said...

I LOVE the idea of a bike in the powder room - how adorable! And the red heels...swoon! :)

Heart Vintage Design said...

Love the photo of the bike as a towel rack!

Unknown said...

Lovely living room. Fantastic quote!

k said...

that bicycle sink is one of my faves!

Lucy said...

Lovely pics!!! I'm Lucy from Italy and I'm your new follower on gfc. Would you like to follow each other? Kisses, Lucy


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