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A Cozy and Charming Dining Room

What a cozy and charming dining room.
Love the stone walls here
makes you feel transported to another time
and the whimsical chairs are lovely and unique.
Small, yes. But so full of charm.

 It's the weekend
and all I want to do is this...

I still have to encounter a macaron that I don't like.
Pink and Lavender... sweet.

Lovin' the colors of these cupcakes too.

Pinks and Reds
love it ♥
especially the Birkin bag

Another nice place to see.

Loving the blings,
and such a lovely sweater too.

I still remember the movie,
Ooops the soundtrack is starting to play in my head now.

Looks like a cool thing to do.

Oh here comes my Eiffel obsession,
too much?

Love flowers on a bike.

Here's a lovely take on flowers on a bike... charming!

Such a sweet and happy space.

Love the pink balloons,
and drooling on this hot dress.

I heart lovely arm candies.

This is so much fun.

Oh gosh, 
loving everything in here,
as in everything.

Wise words.


Teresa said...

Enjoy your weekend in all your colors!

michele said...


i have that toast stencil too.

we have problems.


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

ANN!!!!!!!!!! AND I LOVE every single image here; that first one of the stone walls is exquisite. What is it about stone, metal, wood and other "organic" elements that make a home BREATHE with life?

Your color choices are fabulous. I am NOT letting go of them even if fall and winter are coming....colors paint my heart happy no matter what the season! THANK YOU for coming to visit today! Anita

Ang Lam said...

Love checking out your inspirational post every time!!! You post the best pictures!

Shoe Belle said...

Those macarons and cupcakes look too pretty to eat:p And love those arm candies!

spiral style said...

so much good stuff here. I Pinned the bling and sweater photo.
Have a great weekend.

Paris said...

Love all these pictures! The macaroons and the white dress are my favorites :)
Thanks for the sweet comment on G&G; would you like to follow each other?


Sharon Lee Johnson said...

Lovely pics to brighten up a wintry day here in SA. Love the stone walls in the first image. Happy Sunday x Sharon

Unknown said...

Colorful post! The way I love.

Unknown said...

Wishing you a great week!

Unknown said...

Beautiful post!

MOSAMUSE said...

GREAT inspirations! LOVE that lace skirt


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