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Serene Sitting Room

I like this sitting room
even if it has no chairs or couch
because it looks so relaxing
a place where you can
contemplate, meditate, or
even just sit on that lovely swing
to relax your mind
and have some quiet time.
The rug and pillows could also be
a comfortable place to sit
and relax whether on your own
or with a few friends
or you could also do some
reading in there.
I also love the glass walls,
the lighting, and plants
that are inside
this serene sitting room.

Susan Abraham by Donald Honeyman for Vogue, September 1951


Inma Orduna said...

I love the sitting room and I adore the sunnies!!!!
Thanks for your comment!

Pathy Guarnieri said...

Nice inspirations!

Cores do Vício

Andrea said...

I also love that sitting room, gives a lot of peaceful vibes!


La ilusión de Nina said...

Really nice post!
Have a great day!

La ilusión de Nina -

Marisa Cavaleiro said...

Hi Ann
I also love this sitting room, what I like most are the glass walls.
I loved the sunglasses, I don't know which one I liked most.
Yes sometimes silence, or do not respond, contempt is the best we can do.
and the last one is so true !!!

The Yum List said...

Cool greys are so peaceful.
Don't know that I'd have the sass to wear any of those sunglasses.

Federica Di Nardo said...

Cool inspirations here!


Laura said...

That sitting spot looks so cozy! Beautiful pictures as always x


Dnevnik Ljepote said...

Great post! I'm following you now and I hope that you'll follow me to.

tr3ndygirl influencer e fashion blogger said...

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have a nice day

FashionRadi said...

Definitely so serene. Love the laid out pillows!

Vân said...

I felt the same about the room, it gives me the peace and relax sensation

Zíper Chique

Miguel Gouveia said...

Thanks a lot :D

awesome inspo :D
have an amazing weekend

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OrangeCosmetics said...

Great inspiration! Have a sunny weekend.
Nancy :)

Unknown said...

I am obsessed with all the sunnies!


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