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Simple Dining Room with a Garden View

This dining room may be
simple yet so serene
and relaxing
because of the 
garden view that one can see
from the inside
thanks to those almost
floor to ceiling glass walls.
I think without that view
this dining room
would be boring
with only that eight-seater
dining table and dining chairs
in it, that view
really made a big difference...
no need for more fixtures and
decor accents
just that lovely garden view.
I love its rustic tile flooring
and the high ceiling too
which really makes the space
airy and bigger.
And that lighting fixture
adds the needed charm
to this simple dining room with
a garden view.


Ivana Split said...

I want that dinning room with a garden view!

great location and fashion inspiration as well.

Blog de la Licorne. said...

Wonderful inspiration! ❀✿

Blog de la Licorne

W Niedoskonałościach Tkwi Indywidualność said...

Kuchnia z takim widokiem to moje marzenie! ❤ inspirujący wpis :)

FashionRadi said...

Ohh those garden views! How fun to wake up and drink your coffee in a garden like this!!!
Happy weekend!

Marisa Cavaleiro said...

Hi Ann
I hope i wont leave any lovely word unsaid to those i love...
That dinning room is like a dream, such perfection with tose glasses wall. And i loved all the garden lics. Have a lovely sunday.

HariRari said...

It looks very beautiful, the pics are awesome!

Freak Muffin Blog

Dressed With Soul said...

Hi Ann, now I want to have simply just have dinner there! Hopefully you had a wonderful weekend so gar.
xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena


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