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All Natural Dream Porch

Oh gosh, I'd really love to have a space like this someday. Never mind the whole house although the whole house is really amazing too (you can check it out from the link below) but this porch is what I love... a place to hangout on the weekends, so open and simple. Now I believe my parents that as you grow older, you tend to look for the simpler things in life, the things that really matter. I want weekends here with my family and friends, I come from a very small family, just one brother and I only have one son and of course one hubby, my brother has only one daughter, oh but both of us have lots of friends. I love the oak table and benches and the pine flooring... and that space and view outside is just wonderfully perfect if you ask me.

image: marieclairemaison


Anonymous said...

So very true, it's the simple things that matter most in life....and that's family and friends. That truly is a fuss free space. x

honey my heart said...

this is quite beautiful. a perfect indoor/outdoor space.

spiral style said...

Gorgeous space but made so special with that view.

Couture Carrie said...

So gorgeous!


Casa Très Chic said...

I just saw his house, it's fabulous.


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