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Dining Area with Books and Artworks

How lovely it must be
to have lots of books and artworks
in the dining room like this one.
I haven't had a dining area with
book cases and
shelves filled with artworks
and pics
but now I know it
isn't a bad idea.
Cool in fact.

This is so me...
very much into the book I'm reading
especially when I'm on  the end part already.

I wish my reading nook
has this view too

Paul Newman reading...
Now we know why he is so hot.

The Love Bridge

Pretty Steps

Llama overlooking Machu Picchu, Peru.
What could this llama be thinking?
Not jumping... I hope:)

Oh just take me here

Barrel chandelier
so cool
so rustic
and charming

Barrels make a lovely dessert table

So cool.

I'm a sucker for tulle skirts

I might need to get one of this shirt :)

The hat, the sweater,
white ripped jeans 
and sneakers.
Nice bag too.

And speaking of Fridge
I am so repainting mine into
this color.

Is this really an open face burger?
I kinda like my burger with two buns.
But this looks so good
I'm so gonna bite it.

 This looks so yummy.

Sparkling Chanel Shoes

I am so loving the ripped jeans
and the sparkly top.
Casual but glam.

Love the clutch

Fur and a sparkly leggings... fab!

Perfect Layering.
Snowy but still sparkly

So glamorous and sparkly.

Ahhh... Valentino.

Just sayin'


The Elle Diaries said...

So many great photos, sayings, and inspirations! Love the books, the book nooks, the tulle skirts, the feminine whimsy that you combine with your bookish intelligence!
such a treat to read!
xx, Elle

Julia said...

Me gusta todo esta hecho con especial gusto.Que bonito post, me he paseado por tu bloc y me ha encantado, te invito a ver el mío, esta semana las mascotas son las protagonistas, nos hacen compañía y sacan lo mejor de nosotros mismos. Si eres un amantr de los anima les no te puedes perder este. Deseo que te guste y si es así y no eres seguidora espero que te hagas, gracias por visitarme.

Couture Carrie said...

Amazing post, darling!
Loving all the sparkles and the pink fridge!


Marcela Gmd said...

Wow lovely post!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

Miss Val's Creations said...

That dining room is so fabulous! I have always loved reading too, ever since I was a little girl. All the photos are awesome! I would love to paint my refrigerator. I never thought to do so until seeing something recently online. Such a cool idea!

mademoisellemode said...

Nice post ^^


Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos <3

Midnight Cowgirl said...

The barrel chandelier is so pretty!

Martina said...

Oh boy, so many adorable pix in your post! Love the lama one especially - really stunning! Have a lovely week!

Mila said...

Love the post, especially the part related to the books!

Mila said...

I love the post, especially the book parts!

fabulouspetite said...

Always super cool inspirations. Many great photos and I simply can't pick one. I enjoy browsing through them. Thanks for stopping by my blog again.


miss b said...

I don't know how I missed this post! Those tulip chairs have always been a favourite of mine and I love the mix of casual and sparkle which you featured too. The window seat with that view is the perfect place to sit and read!

Magda said...

beautiful pictures :)


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