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A warm and cozy Fireplace

This fireplace looks so warm and cozy, inviting and restful. Looks a bit traditional but also elegantly timeless. Not too spacious but enough to hold some fine furniture and interesting décor accents. I love the exquisite mirror that reflects the charming chandelier. The fine looking stripe club chairs and the comfy sofa makes this space simply inviting and relaxing. A nice place to do some reading or bonding with family and friends. A nice spot to snuggle with your loved ones or a private space to be on your own… somewhere to sip your tea or coffee while contemplating your dreams.

Designer: Berkley Vallone

Photo: Vallone Design


Megan Coyle said...

This does look really cozy--it reminds me of a house I've stayed at in the mountains. I really like the mirror and the striped chairs in this shot--thanks for sharing!

Chris said... that mirror. The whole room looks so lovely and cozy.

Millie said...

I just love this room Ann - the fireplace really ticks all the boxes for me. A truly lovely post.
Millie ^_^


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