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Perfect Symmetry

This dining area has achieved perfect symmetry from this view and it looks so warm, cozy, and appealing. We somehow try to achieve perfect balance in our lives and when we get it even from just a special space in our house it somehow makes us feel relaxed and at ease and would welcome every time we spend in that particular place, more so if that area is one where we dine and have meaningful conversations and moments with our loved ones. This dining area may not be so spacious but it oozes with warmth that makes it a perfect place for intimate conversations, private and close family dinners, or even a space to talk delicate and confidential matters. I adore the use of benches instead of the usual dining chairs, the charming framed artworks, and the lamp is just wonderful perfectly placed at the center. I just love how everything seems to be at its right place in this lovely dining area that has achieved perfect symmetry.

image: Leverone Design


GrannySmithGreen said...

Symmetry. I always seem to want it in my interiors. I have had to work at NOT making things symmetrical.

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I'm having fun working on the kitchen--and yes, it's basically symmetrical too!

M.Kate said...

Wishing mine is like that, happy Sunday :P

Cote de Texas said...

hi -
thanks for your comment on the roundtable blog!!! much appreciated. glad you enjoyed listening.
p.s. I LOVE symmetry!!!!

Porchlight Interiors said...

I do love a room to look balanced and symetrical - lovely example here! Tracey xx

A Room With A View said...

I'm really impressed with your blog because....your evaluations and critiques are spot on and and actually educate your followers vs. just showing what you like and what you found on your latest shopping spree. Not that there's not a place for things we all like, but love the educational aspect. 5 stars.

Fifi Flowers said...

pretty room!


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