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Sophisticated Country Dining Area

This lovely dining room is very functional and cleverly designed. Although this dining room is country style, one may also find that this dining area is a fusion of styles. The wooden dining table and benches looks so natural and yet so chic with a bit of leather upholstery. The elegant walls and ceiling looks contemporary with the framed arts neatly placed to add interest and beauty. The wall and ceiling paint colors and the functional fireplace also gives off a warm and comfy feel to this dining area. The charming candleholders and other decors and trinkets on the table and on the mantlepiece and above the small cabinet are delightful home treasures. The expansive rug, window treatment and the pendant lamp completes the setting to give this dining area a nice sophisticated country look and feel.

Designer: Tom Scheerer


GrannySmithGreen said...

I just have to say, the last three pictures are beautiful! The dining room, the porch and that fireplace--oh, my! Just lovely! Thanks for finding these to share.

Kris said...

The mix of styles in this dining room are blended to perfection.
Sophisticated Country. YEP!! Love it.


VictoriaArt said...

You are right, it is a great departure from traditional country and even though I don't mind traditional, this speaks very much to me, casual, but sylish. You've got a good eye. Love your pics.
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