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A Fabulous Living Room

 Love this living room,
it looks so fabulous with its comfy luxurious couches
and lovely decor accents.  Love that rug too,
and that dramatic spiral staircase is an eye-catcher.
I'm sure the large mirror on the side reflects a very lovely
image of this entire fabulous living room.
Hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

 Hmmmm... I should have one of this
to brighten up my mornings.

I know that its way past summer
and the weather is getting colder by the day,
but I feel that somewhere out there
a lovely hammock is calling my name.

Wow! Take your pick of shoes,
All are looking fabulous if you ask me.

Heart this cup too.

Beautiful finger accessories.
Since its the season for hot drinks
its wise to invest in lovely finger accessories too and 
lovely nail polish... A cup of coffee, tea or hot choco looks
lovelier when held by beautiful hands filled with fab accessories.

Oh this looks so yum!

Sweater Love.
And I can't ignore the necklace either.
And the rings, did you notice them? I'm sure you do.

Another Fall look that I'm loving.
Lace shorts coupled with a warm cardigan.
And check out those arm candies.

I always have a space for a beautiful pink vintage typewriter
in my posts...
And look at that pink flowers... so lovely.

A cake with a burlap fabric and twine...
it looks so lovely.

Nice lip color,
fabulous shades.

Now this is glamorous!

My kind of cake.

I still believe in serendipity...
Do you?

Love the messed up hair look.

A heart-shaped island.
Just breathtaking.

Love this image so much,
something in my heart feels so good looking at this.

Must be such a nice feeling to be up there.

I want!

This is just lovely,
so easy to make and guaranteed to beauty any outdoor space.
One of my 'Someday DIYs'
I already have so many now.

Daredevil Mich Kemeter, 23, 
walks across a tight rope without any safety harness above the Verdon Gorge in the 
South of France. Mich battled gusts strong enough to knock him off balance as 
he quickly hot-footed it 65ft to the other side.

Oh this put a smile on my face...
happens to me too.


Kelinha said...

Nice blog. Would you like to follow each other? =)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning beautiful!!!

I want to thank you for coming to leave such a great comment. To know that many of us can understand the transitions of life and how they can effect us is good to know, and to know that we are not alone. I was taken back by a little surprise last night and this morning as I found that blogger would no longer allow me to upload photos...I exceeded my quota of storage space. TIME TO EXERCISE GRACE....oh dear.

I am very fussy about my blog headers and I apologize for not having changed it, but I am not able to !!!!!! Grrr.

Have a lovely day and your post picked me up for it is filled with happy and lovely things, as always! Anita

High Heeled Life said...

Good Morning and happy Monday!! Great photos and as always wonderful inspiring words. YES!! I still believe in Serendipity!!! xo HHL

koralee said...

I am loving all of these images today...that sweater is amazing..and these quotes are ones I must write down. Hugs my friend. xoxox

MOSAMUSE said...

great post!! love that room and the cross shirt!

Unknown said...

So so pretty that living room! Wow! Chic.

navy and orange said...

love that first photo!

xoxo navy & orange

Fashion-Bridge said...

Beautiful inspirations! love the first interior photo and the leopard shoes



Ballet Pumps And Roses said...

Gorgeous inspirations - I love that living room too, it's so stylish.



honey my heart said...

the spiral stair case, velvet couch, and square patterned rug are so good!

Blond Duck said...

The tightrope picture made me want to vomit, I was so terrified.

Unknown said...

Breathtaking photos, they're just amazing!

Woodside Park said...

Striking living room! So graphic and stylish. I love the scale of the pieces: tall mirror, rug pattern, etc. Really chic.

Chicago Chic said...

Such a gorgeous post! Love all this inspiration!


Midnight Cowgirl said...

Love the mugs!

Inés said...

Ah! I love this post, i love the pictures, the quotes, and your's certainly inspiring (even if the word is tilled) Well done! I'm your new follower, of course!
I'd love to know what you think about my new post ...
A big hug!


Teresa said...

In love with the cake with a burlap fabric and twine... Probably because I'm starting my Christmas crafts (don't shoot me, I don't have Halloween or Thanksgiving to mind ahahah) and I'm planning a burlap Christmas so all suggestions are welcomed with enthusiasm.

There's a mention for your blog in mine.

Take Care and wnjoy your weekend,

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Ann:
So many good feelings come from the images you post today. Yes, we certainly do believe in serendipity and find it to be the most wonderful thing. We have met so many interesting and exciting people through chance and, it is these happy encounters, we believe, which do make the world a better place!

Natalia | Look-A-Porter said...

Beautiful photos, especially the room. And the quote is great! x

michele said...

loving the pale pink converse and the messy hair. so much inspiration shared!

smiles to you.


Melissah from Scrapbook said...

So much gorgeous inspiration - must copy that LV cake for my next birthday!



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