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A Luxurious and Glam Bathroom

Look at how luxurious this bathroom is...
I know I could soak in that tub for hours
and maybe with a glass of champagne and a good book.
Love the elegant design 
and I can see a lovely
walk-in closet just beside it.

Here's another angle.

Dreamy shot of the Eiffel

Pink Flowers
and Yellow Cups

Headboard Crush...
I can actually settle for a different color
but I think white would be so dreamy

I have an old jeans cut like this
I just wish I have this shoes to go with it.

This is such a sweet image.

What a fabulous outfit...
The skirt, the shoes, the blings... 
I wish I could look this fab walking the streets.

That skirt and that gliterry purse...
simply gorgeous.

I love what is going on here...
a very gorgeous arm party.

Lovely Colorful Umbrellas in Portugal

Oh that necklace....
that dress... justified obsession

A key to happiness...
just what we all need.

Oh a pink Louis...
I want!

This image makes me happy,
can someone enlighten me why?

Love those lip colors
although I prefer red lips for Valentine's

A couple laugh...
we should do this all the time.

Fruits and waffle ala mode
this is what I'll be ordering tomorrow 
for breakfast... can't wait!
I'll treat my son tomorrow
he got a quiz bee medal in Computers
and breakfast is our fave meal...
that is if we have the time for it.

 And a hot coffee later.

 Do you ever wonder?


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Ann;
As always, you give us so very many wonderful images to look at and reflect upon. Most striking today for us is the street scene in Portugal with all of the upturned umbrellas. How wonderful is that?!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

WOW, indeed ANN! Every photo here is making me want to run away to a month-long resort filled only with time...time to think, redo, renew.

Thank you kindly for your visit my friend! Anita

Unknown said...

I wish someone would do that umbrella trick here... It would look sooo cool!

Unknown said...

These are such wonderful pictures!! I love the eiffel tower shot, the tecups, the gorgeous outfits!
Thank you for your comment!

spiral style said...

I have to comment on the cool umbrella photo too. Love it!! AND the iridescent bubbles are so gorgeous. I'm a sucker for arm candy and love the sparkly, beaded clutch with the coral skirt. Oh, you gave us so much inspiration. Thanks dear Ann and have a great weekend.

Kirsty Girl said...

Love the umbrellas and bubbles and I am sooo ready for the bath.

Melissah from Coastal Style said...

After a hard day's gardening & renovating at the new house - I totally need a long hot soak in a bath tub like that!


N@NY said...

am following now .
wanna make my day and follow me back ?


k said...

the next house i buy is going to have an incredible bathroom, i love baths!

Ali Hval said...

I love that white headboard! Mine is actually a lot like that--ornate white furniture is so lovely.

bridechic said...

Love the optical white bathroom!

oxoxox from San Francisco

The Dragonfruit said...

Oh wow, so many lovely things!
I just love that bathroom :D

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Anonymous said...

That dining room would make me so happy!! I love all of the natural light!


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