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Rustic Dining Room with Turqouise Chairs


How gorgeous is this dining room?
It looks rustic with those woods
and looks so fresh with the white paint
and glass walls and door.
And I love that sturdy looking
rustic table
and those very lovely
mismatched turquoise chairs.

Fit for queen.

Must be lovely to have breakfast
in here... what a view!

Looking at this makes me happy

A lovely bouquet of peach roses
would make any lady's day.

Love these bohemian arm candies

I so wish I could

I want this for my breakfast.


I heart this knitwear
cute and cool.

This may look like a lonely spot
but I know I can spend hours in there happy

Wow! That gown...


spiral style said...

Those balloons just made my day. Thanks! Stacks of chocolate look so wonderful. AND that view in Paris is awesome.

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous and delicious post, darling!
Love that cake!


Chicago Chic said...

I'm always inspired when I visit here! That first photo is gorgeous. Love the chairs.

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures! Very inspirational. That cake looks amazing.


ANNE said...

love this post!!! Thanks for popping over to visit me and for your sweet comment.

New follower :)

Unknown said...

Loving the blue chairs and the peach roses!

miss b said...

The dining room is so bright and airy and the mismatched chairs are charming. You find such lovely images!

Parisian Fairytale said...

lovely post, really inspiring :)

ellie said...

So much inspiration of everything lovely!

Ana said...

the first dinning room pic is amazing!!

k said...

i need to have a parisian breakfast on that balcony!

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

Such gorgeous images and the perfect way to end the week! I love shades of blue too, my favorites are the pale pale blues that have a little green in them, in fact I'm painting my living room in a lightened version of an already pale blue green that I love called "Icing on the Cake" and the dining room in the same color, only not lightened. That's what's on my agenda for the weekend lol! Thanks for stopping by this week and have a wonderful weekend! xo ~S

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