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A Beautiful Outdoor Dining Area

How lovely it would be to dine in here,
so serene and picturesque.
Yes it is in Lake Como, Italy
and what are the chances
you'll sit beside George Clooney
in one of your al fresco
dining here. sigh ♥

This is such a dreamy space,
all white and with an inviting swing.
How cool is that?

I'm not really a fan of this shade
of green in outfits
but how can I ignore the
beauty of this gown.

I want some macarons
and in these bright and cheerful colors

Such a lovely place...
entered to my places to go bucket list... check!

Wouldn't it be nice
to have this every morning?

Awww... love this
animal print outfit coupled with 
those lovely link bracelets... 
I totally covet this.

Sneakers are so cool
no matter how old  I would be
I promise never to ran out of one in my closet.
And sneakers look so good with a fabulous dress too.

Lovely pink flowers for all of you

I am definitely getting a footspa
and foot massage this weekend.
I think I'm getting addicted to it 
now that I'm seriously looking for a place to 
put up my own nail spa.
I really think many woman
in our area would benefit from it.

 Oh that gown...
and that kiss...
I so love this pic.

This is so true...


Teresa said...

I don't have sun to bring you - rain and mayhem here for me - but wanted to Thank for your sweet comments in my blog, earlier. It makes my day to start it with kind words.

Really love that sneakers, fasionhable dress plus vintage furniture picture.

Keep on finding yourself, just allow us to find you there too.

Have a Nice - and Warm - Weekend,

miss b said...

The outdoor dining area is stunning and Cinque Terre is also on my must-visit list. I have been looking at your previous posts - you find the loveliest images and quotes. So pleased I stumbled across your blog!

Deborah Flanagan said...

I don't think I'll ever get the picture out of my mind of the colorful houses on the sea. I NEED to go there!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Love that swing bed!

Sazi Efionayi said...

love the post

fluff and fripperies said...

So much to like in this post! That outdoor dining area is divine xo

fluff and fripperies said...

So much to like in this post! That dining area looks heavenly.

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

You always pick the best images. Now you have me dreaming of one of those thick chain bracelets...and a new outdoor dining table...
xo Mary Jo

Punctuation Mark said...

I've been to Co,o and that image makes me daydream!!!

ellie said...

I want macaroons too! Lovely places!

Melissah from Scrapbook said...

So much great inspiration - love the pop of colour in the turquoise chairs in the first image!


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