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A Lovely Breakfast Room

I heart this lovely breakfast room with
high ceiling and brick entryway.
And aren't those windows

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone
and here's a few inspirations for you.
Hugs and Kisses Everyone
And let the  ones you love know how
much they mean to you...
Valentine's Day is a perfect excuse to do that.

Oh this gown is just fantastic.

A lovely heart shoe... any takers?

Love the necklace
love the shirt.

 Any lady would love to receive this bouquet.

Flowers on a Cake

 Lovers on Eiffel

cute gummy hearts

 Such a cute cupid.


Cool heart headlights

I should have seen this before Valentine's
so that I could also made one for our bed.

What lovely rustic heart candle holders.

Oh yes please...

Somebody please teach me
how to do this on my coffee.

Love this setting

I just love everything on this image.

Love bracelet

 Heart Balloons


spiral style said...

The breakfast room is where I want to be right now. I would love to park myself there for several hours with a warm baguette, apricot jam, a thermos of hot coffee and a great book. Heaven.

How gorgeous is the image of the pink satin shoes and matching bouquet? Of course I noticed the glass of champagne too which always makes everything perfect.

Your images of roses are gorgeous and heart shaped cute!
Happy Valentine's Day dear Ann.

Teresa said...

If I ever design my own home I'm going to have a breakfast nook... I wouldn't mind to get out of bed one hour early and start the day there. Daydreaming. Of fairytales.

Stop by to wish you a Happy Valentine's and that Love may always be a staple in your Life.

xox Teresa

Unknown said...

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

Such pretty Valentine's pictures. x Sharon

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning Ann!

The images here are just gorgeous and I LOVE THOSE GUMMY HEARTS! Thank you for coming to my post and for LISTENING to the music and understanding that it is only a translation with words and photos. I have the scary feeling people are thinking it is MY RELATIONSHIP! AHH! :)

Have a fabulous day! Anita

Chicago Chic said...

Love the breakfast room and all the hearts! Happy belated Valentine's Day!


jackie jade said...

love the gown and that heart sweater - so great! thanks for stopping by my blog :)


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