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White Bedroom with Fireplace

This white bedroom with fireplace
looks romantic
with that fire going on in there.
I love the exposed wooden beams
that gives a rustic feel
to this white bedroom
And I am also loving the delicate
looking white curtains.

 Ordinary beautiful flowers
looks so lovely on a mason jar.

Oh I want one.

 Yummy pink  cake
with cute LOVE banner

 Books on cold nights
perfect companion

 Cool couple

 What a fabulous glove
and bag and that coat too.
So chic.

Red shoes and heart shaped balloons
love these things.

 Love this.

 How gorgeous is that gown.


Robyn said...

What a beautiful combination of images and thoughts! You have the mind and soul of an artist, Ann. Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

spiral style said...

I love everything about that bedroom. I would be so cool to have a wood burning fireplace in a bedroom, especially if someone cleaned the ashed for you! Love the delicate curtains with rustic features. I am fixated on mirrors on a mantle. Just got one for my fireplace mantel this weekend and it has transformed the living room.
That orange gown is jaw-dropping gorgeous.


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