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Beautiful White Breakfast Nook

I am loving this breakfast nook in all its whiteness and little pops of blue and turquoise.  Love the booth because it provides intimacy and comfort and I just really love booths, when we go to diners, I would look first if there's a booth available.   The metal chairs are cool and the 1960s chandelier is lovely in there too.  I really do love this space.


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Ann:
As you say, this really does look a most inviting space in which to linger over breakfast, or any other meal come to that. The turquoise adds a certain touch of interest to the overall white scheme.

Anonymous said...

Very cute, love it xT

spiral style said...

What a cheery place for breakfast or coffee. Love the pure whites with pops of blue. Perfect mix of textures. Good pick.


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