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A Glam Home Office

Wow!  So Glam... I love everything about this glamorous home office.  From the chandy to the desk and uber lovely chair I am in awe.  Love the mirror and of course the lovely wallpaper that extends to the ceiling.  Oh and that round white rug, isn't it divine... Oh I could actually see myself working in there, sorry fashionable and glam ladies, in my PJs.  I love doing things at home wearing PJs, you know I want to be comfy in my own home.


Kristin_Texas said...

Oh my gosh, I want to just sink my toes into that rug!


mikky said...

Wow what a lamp! This office looks cozy, it would be nice to work in in the winter.


honey my heart said...

oh wow, the office is so glam and crisp! i don't know if i could work there (i'm such a messy worker) but would love to escape to a place like that.

Wheel Alignment Equipment said...

I can really say that those photos shows glamour. I live to see her dress wait.


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