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A Shabby Chic Bedroom

 Dying of Cute

What beautiful bedroom, so laidback, so relaxing.  That is what I like about this shabby chic bedroom.  It is so lovely how the sunlight gets in, so dreamy.  And I love the headboard and the old door behind plus the bedsheets look so soft it is so inviting.  No wonder the cute dog is enticed to take it easy for a little while in there, and who wouldn't?


Sharon Lee Johnson said...

So inviting. I love the old rustic door or screen or whatever it is behind the headboard. x Sharon

Teresa said...

Eeven the doggie looks shaby chic ahahahah

Dog's Life? Yeah, mine...

It's so hot (Summer his us with a vengeance) and I had to come to work and now I can imagine my dogs thinking of me - did I mention it's hot?! - while lounging in fresh and calm rooms around the house.

I love the headboard... even if ruins were around that old rustic door would sell the place.

Wishing you a lovely and soothing day,

Brooke @ Inside-Out Design said...

I love the huge basket at the end of the bed with the blankets and makes the room look so cozy!

spiral style said...

The headboard and the wicker basket at the foot of the bed really make this room sing.

honey my heart said...

the bed looks so comfortable!


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