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A Gorgeous White Nook

Isn't this nook wonderful?  I love the whiteness of it all.  It is gorgeous, from the white floors to the white walls, to that single comfy chairs, a teapot and cup on the floor, the simple round rug and that lovely ceiling above with beautiful details.  Oh the pillow, I love its color, delicate and perfect for that all white space.  And the jar/vase is not to be outshined, it is perfect there, a lovely welcome to one gorgeous space. This is not just a nook or a sitting space, the entryway and how it is done is perfect for my taste too. It is such a calming space, so just a reminder to all of you today, Keep Calm and Carry On.


spiral style said...

I'm going to carry this image in my head today when I want to escape. Thanks

Unknown said...

Great pics!! Love the white in everything... I've been painting some of my furniture white, just love it!


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